About the CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC)


A community of energy professionals and utility engineers to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency projects on islands for a more sustainable future.

The community features informative documents and training materials, monthly technical webinars and a real-time discussion board. The online platform enables members to connect with peers, learn from each other and resolve renewable energy challenges in an environment of collaboration. Global and regional energy experts will host monthly webinar series and contribute to CAREC discussions on a regular basis.

The need for a regional community for island energy professionals to exchange knowledge was a key theme at the 2015 Aruba Learning Event. Since then, a team from CARILEC, the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room (RMI-CWR) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have supported CAREC implementation efforts. CAREC will be co-managed by the current CARILEC training manager, Laurena Primus and CAREC community manager from RMI, Martyn Forde.


CAREC-  CARILEC Renewable Energy Community Vibes!

CARILEC envisions the growth of a Caribbean region of indigenous energy experts in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency empowered through collective learning and the ability to connect, collaborate and innovate. As such, CARILEC launched the CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC) on June 29th, 2016.  

What is CAREC?

CAREC is a secure learning community developed to speed energy project implementation by connecting island energy professionals to the resources they need. Utility engineers, government practitioners, and development partners in the Caribbean gain access to tools, templates, and learning activities designed to increase renewable energy deployment.

How did CAREC begin?

 In February 2016, CARILEC partnered with the Islands Energy Program to develop CAREC. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) provided additional support for the development of CAREC.  The Islands Energy Program is an alliance between the Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room’s Smart Island Economies Program and the Clinton Climate Initiative Islands Diesel Replacement Program.

How big is the Community?

To date, CAREC connects over 234 members representing more than 40 countries. 75 percent of these countries are island nations. CAREC’s growth has catapulted to an average growth rate of 30 members per month with utilities representing the majority of members.

What has CAREC achieved so far?

285 participants received training through CAREC's learning activities. 7 webinars and 3 live sessions have been organized and conducted since CAREC's launch. The Islands Energy Program, IRENA, and Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) provided support for these events.

What can you expect from CAREC in 2017?

CAREC aims to showcase international best practice with renewable energy implementation and operation. Content featured on CAREC will focus on the successes and lessons learned by utilities operating in the Caribbean and on island nations around the world.  CAREC encourages members to share their stories with the community via webinar series and discussions. 


The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Webinar Series began on October 31, 2016, and will continue into 2017. The PV Series featured presentations from the Barbados Light and Power Company (BLPC), the Anguilla Electricity Services Company (ANGLEC), and the Sint Eustatius Utility Company (STUCO). All recordings and presentation documents are archived on CAREC for members to view at their convenience. The Community can expect the commencement of the Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Webinar Series in the second quarter of 2017. CAREC will also provide face to face activities at CARILEC conferences this year.  


How can you get involved?

Interested energy professionals can sign up at <>. New members can engage with the community and directly with each other. Members can upload content for discussion and collectively address challenges.  CARILEC intends to grow a vibrant community and encourages members to post any questions or comments directly into the CAREC homeroom forum. Furthermore, energy professionals can share CAREC to get colleagues to sign up.

To collaborate and share ideas, please contact the Community Leaders:

Mr. Martyn Forde; (

Ms. Laurena Primus; (


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