CARILEC Organizes four (4) Conferences Annually and other smaller Scale Events



These events are specifically geared to creating opportunities to build capacity in the region  share knowledge, gain better exposure in the Caribbean region and provide  valuable networking opportunities. 

It also provides an opportunity to learn best practices to deal with the recurring challenges of the industry: a forum to forge partnerships and a market place for business opportunities between vendors and the consumers. It also introduces new technologies and methodologies in a friendly environment. 

What can you expect from our Conferences: 

  1. CARILEC Human Resource, Corporate Communications and Customer Service Conference & Tradeshow is the leading Conference in the Caribbean. Career professionals gather to learn how to use innovative strategies which deliver real results and demonstrable impact. Join us to learn how to improve employee engagement, learning and development. Our leading industry experts will expose you to the newest HR solutions. We’ll teach you how to identify and create opportunities for optimizing social media to deliver corporate communications with real impact. You’ll also learn how to devise impactful messages and corporate communications strategies which deliver value and ROI to your organisation. Finally, we’ll guide you into the future of customer-centric customer care, showing you how to understand, delight and retain customers.


  1. CARILEC Chief Executive Officer’s and Finance Conference is “THE” leading annual networking and information-sharing event of the year for Utility CEO’s and CFO’s  in the Caribbean and Latin America.This year’s Conference will keep you connected to all the key players in the utility industry and provide you with a platform to exchange ideas, share advice, discuss challenges and solutions with highly respected industry peers. The programme is carefully devised to highlight valuable insights from high-level leaders and utility experts, allowing you to gather insights on best practices from the best in the energy business.


  1. The CARILEC Engineers Conference & Exhibition is the preeminent engineering conference for the utility industry in the Caribbean and Latin America. It has been organised to give participants significant technical training and exposure to the latest developments and innovative practices in engineering through sessions delivered by the best experts in the industry. The Conference is of great interest and value to all participants who want the gather valuable insights on the utility engineering industry. 


  1. CARILEC Renewable Energy Conference & Tradeshow, is one of our fast growing conferences.  Join industry experts and innovators as we meet to discuss the issues and solutions surrounding the Caribbean Renewable Energy Industry. 


2018 Conference: