Conference Services

CARILEC organizes four (4) Conferences annually, Workshops, Seminars and other Events.

These events are specifically geared towards creating opportunities to build capacity in the region, share knowledge, gain better exposure in the Caribbean region and provide valuable networking opportunities. 

They also provide an opportunity to learn best practices to deal with the recurring challenges of the industry: a forum to forge partnerships and a market place for business opportunities between vendors and their customers. They also introduce new technologies and methodologies in a friendly environment. 

Training Services

Our Secretariat delivers a programme of high-quality training to upgrade the skills of member utility and electricity industry personnel in the areas of engineering, technical, administration and management.

Technical Services

Information Services
The Secretariat routinely collects information about a wide range of industry activities, maintains databases and disseminates information to members through regular electronic mail, general publications, website and telecommunication.
Disaster Management
The Disaster Management Plan was established to assist members in disaster planning and restoration activities. All full members subscribe to a related fund attached to the plan, from which restoration expenses are charged. Assistance is also solicited from sister utilities that were not affected by the disaster and this is coordinated by the Project Manager of CARILEC.
Technical Studies & Surveys
The Secretariat co-ordinates the conduct, publication and distribution of regional studies and operational surveys on an annual or periodic basis. Our ongoing studies are intended to cover such areas as Benchmarking, Energy Policy and Utility Compensation. We also conduct regular surveys on utility Tariffs, Accident and Incident, Equipment and Accessories and Fuel and Lubricants. As well, we conduct ad hoc surveys at the request of our members.


The Secretariat regularly publishes and distributes a number of publications to keep members abreast of its activities. Some of the main publications include: a monthly Electronic Newsletter, an Annual Magazine, an Annual Industry Journal, a Biennial Membership Directory and an Annual Report.